Apparently, she’s just a lil thick…who knew?!

Greetings to all!

I hope today finds you in good cheer!  Today finds me bedside with a touch of what I’ve gathered is food poisoning.  Nothing a little meds won’t fix!

Anyways, I was riding in my car and listening to my town’s hip-hop radio station.  A new song was premiering by Trinidad James called Just A Lil Thick.  Now for those of you who may be unfamiliar with his body of work, Trinidad James is behind the very popular 2013 hit, All Gold Everything, that had everyone “poppin’ a molly and sweating”…WHEW.


I was a little skeptical, to say the least, about a song that had been deemed the big girl anthem by the radio station, but I liked the beat and the hook was catchy.

 “She ain’t fat, bruh!  She’s just a little thick”.

So I’m bopping around while driving, and Trinidad James starts to rap.

I’m talkin’ cook, clean, kids, man and swallow the d**k
You never see a big ho beggin’ for s**t
And if you f**k her good she might buy you a whip
And if you say you love her she might pay the rent

Hold up, what?!

Now, I’m used to some messed up lyrics.  I listen to a lot of trap music so nothing really shocks me much these days.  However, I was a little taken aback by the idea that a plus size woman will cook, clean, provide care to children, buy you a car, pay your rent, give you sexual satisfaction and be an independent woman all at the same time.  Just a clue to all of the men out there: PLUS SIZE WOMEN ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYONE ELSE!  Let’s just play a game of Mythbusters, shall we?

All big girls cook and enjoy food more than skinny girls.

  • This is not true.  Sorry people, but I’ve met and eaten with tons of skinny girls who enjoy food just as much as I do.  And the cooking thing…listen, I’ve never understood where that notion even came from.  Just because we like food doesn’t mean we can cook it.

Big girls have low self esteem so they take whatever man in handed to them.

  • Just because we are plus size doesn’t mean we’ll take all the crappy men out there or the leftovers from skinny girls. We have standards just like everyone else.  Stupid.

Big girls will pay your bills and buy you things because you give them attention.

  • I’m not paying anyone’s bills because you gave me some attention. Chile please.  Y’all can debunk this myth.  Plus, why would you want anyone to pay your bills if  you’re supposedly independent yourself?  Riddle me that!

Big girls provide better sexual experiences.

  • I’ve heard this myth a lot and I heard it in many songs.  Drake apparently likes his girls BBW because she’ll suck him dry and then eat lunch with him.  All women are more than their bodies.  We are more than sexual experiences.  We are more than sexual gratification for you.

Big girls make better wives than skinny girls for all of the reasons above.

  • I’m a good wife, but not because I’m plus sized.  I’m a good wife because I married a good husband.  Period.

So, while I appreciate the fact that there is a song dedicated to big girls, I honestly wish that it wasn’t laced with generalizations and myths…but, then again most music is.


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