Let’s go away for a while…

I love to virtually explore.  I daydream often.  It helps me escape from my current task and breaks up the monotony of my day.  This, my friend, is called escapism and I’m sure that everyone does it.  It helps get through tough and difficult times.  I’ve been escaping for my entire life, but I don’t think I ever dealt with the situation at hand once I came back to reality, which could be dangerous.


Many people have different ways of escaping.  For example, my best friend watches television to escape.  One of my other friends wraps her mind around a good book.  Personally, I like to play The Sims, watch movies and daydream.  So often my daydreams take me to this place that I enjoy and I lose real time.

I would escape away from sadness, anger, grief and sometimes even happiness.  Escaping caused me to deal with problems way after they occurred and even affected my ability to deal with confrontation.  Now, when I’m hurt or angry I just let myself feel the emotion.  God created us with emotions for a reason, otherwise we would be numb to all feeling.  If you escape by not dealing with your problems, I encourage you to let yourself feel the emotion.  We’re given these feelings for a reason and escaping doesn’t solve every problem because it’s temporary.

How do you escape?

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