The ART of letting go.

When I was younger, I used to hold on to a bunch of crap.  When people were mean to me or would do wrong by me I would go cry to my Mommy and she would always asked why I cared so much.  To be honest, I just wanted to be liked.  A large part of that followed me into my adult years, until I realized that I shouldn’t care.  Whomever was meant to be in my life would stay with me, and God would remove the ones who didn’t.  It was hard to let go of some of these relationships, but some things helped me get through:

  1. It’s not you…it’s them.  God has a way of removing obstacles and hindrances from our lives so that we can grow.  Sometimes those obstacles are people and the relationships with these people are hindrances.  That relationship may have to falter in order for you to grow.
  2. It’s not them…it’s you.  This is a hard one to handle once you come into realization of this, but you maybe the hindrance.  Maybe your relationship with someone is stifling their ability to grow and move on.  You have to accept this realization and move on for their good.  Sometimes relationships falter in order for you both to grow.
  3. Work with what you’ve got.  I became a better friend to the people I’m around, a better sisters to my brother, a better wife and a better daughter once I gave up and let go of things I was holding on to.

CaptureI wrote this 5 years ago when I was 20 years old.  Sometimes I do let things get me down and do let people get to me, but in those moments thank God for who He allows to reach me and let it go.  I know it’s hard to let things go sometimes, but it’s so healthy and helps you be the best you for the people that need you.

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