Sometimes I write…

So, sometimes I write short stories and poems.  I’ve decided to post some of my hobby on my blog as a way for me to come out of my shell.  Maybe this will encourage me to write more…who knows.  I took Creative Writing in college as a hobby class and did a lot of my writing during this time.  I reread a lot of the stuff I’ve written back then and realized that writing was a form of therapy for me.  I wrote a lot of this during my therapy and my sad time.  Anyways, I’m rambling.  The piece has no title:

Trace the outline of my tattoo with your finger as I caress your head.

Let your hands trail the length of my arm,

Gently grab my hands as I plant a peck on yours.

We don’t have to touch because you know it’s real.

Fill the silence of our empty words with jovial humming

That makes me remember why I’m here.

And if you ever forget…just look at how my eyes glow when we’re together.

And when I forget, I’ll just go back to the time you whispered “You’re perfect.”

Exist in a single monetary space…with me.



It’s really doesn’t matter where.

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