Reasons why I’m not here for it. At all.

So, today has been a day.  Mr. Terence Crutcher died earlier this week by the hands of the police.  There is not a logical reason that I’ve heard for why the police fired their weapons at him and you cannot convince me of one. There is a dash cam video SHOWING Mr. Crutcher complying with officers with his hands in the air ONLY TO BE SHOT SECONDS LATER.  If that isn’t enough, right in my hometown of Charlotte, NC a black man was killed for alleged having a firearm.  It has been reported the officer yelled “He has a gun” and shot him four times.  No warning.  No reasoning.  Just out here exterminating Black folk like roaches. All of these events, plus the MANY other victims of death by cops have me heated.  I’m OVER ALL OF IT TODAY…and here’s why:

  1.  The top headline on CNN’s website at some point today has been about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.  When I tell you I do not care about this I truly mean it.  Both of them have millions and neither pays my bills.  NEXT!
  2. The all lives, blue lives, cat lives matters people are still in existence.  I still don’t understand why this is a thing.  IF ALL LIVES TRULY MATTERED TO YOU THEN YOU WOULD BE MAD WITH US!  Simple as that.
  3. If we can’t protest kneeling at the anthem then what can we do?!  Just leave us alone.    You get mad when we’re in the streets.  You get mad when we silently protest.  Stop trying to take our right to protest away.  No one takes away your right to say or do whatever you want.  Clearly, no one has taken away corrupt cops’ right to wrongfully murder us.  So boom.
  4. Lastly, I just don’t care about what you’ve got going on right now.  On Facebook, we’ve shared in triumph at a marriage, birth of a baby, kids got straight A’s in school and all the things in between.  We’ve grieved the death of family members, the victims of the Orlando shooting, September 11th and every sad moment that goes unmentioned.  If you feel close enough to me to appreciate all of the joy I feel when I talk about my husband or my job or anything else, then empathize with me when I grieve with my brothers and sisters during this difficult time.   I don’t want to hear your rebuttal to anything I have to post on my Facebook.  I don’t want to see anything you post that goes against the fact that Black lives are being taken constantly by the hands of the police.  I don’t want to hear any of that.  I’m over stifling my feelings to keep friends that I only talk to or see ONCE A YEAR.  My heart physically hurts by all that’s going on in this country and I have the right to be over all of it.

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