Excuse me while I procrastinate…

So, I’m a major procrastinator…

It’s most likely one of my biggest downfalls, but once I get going, I get to going.

Okay, so I just procrastinated on writing a blog about procrastinating.  WHO DOES THAT?!

My problem is so real.  I’ve been procrastinating on writing a business plan for like…months now.  Do you want to know why?

*whispers* because it scares me.  

When I start trying to focus on things other than what I’m supposed to be doing, it’s because the task I’ve been given scares me or I’m a little worried about what other people will think…which is also why I have an on/off relationship with this blog, ya dig?

So, I have decided to:

  1. “Take it one step at a timeeeee.  There’s no need to rushhhh.”- Thank you Jordan Sparks
  2. STOP MAKING EXCUSES!  You! Yes you, Ashley!
  3. Just do it.  This is for your future.  So you need to do it.

Sheesh.  Let’s hope this works.  Happy Sunday!




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