Mrs. Do It For Me Too.

I’ve been pretty transparent about my self esteem.  In the past I hit a hard spot and got through it with the help of God, my squad and therapy.  So, every once in a while I get into a phase where I become a little envious of others (I CRINGE).  I start to reflect on where I currently am in life and zone in on the negative.  Then, I start comparing myself to others around me who are thriving and succeeding and wonder why I’m not there.  Why isn’t it going that way for me?  How come am not seeing my success?  I know I’m good enough, so why haven’t experienced such joy and triumph?


When those feelings arise it turns into an ugly alter being and I call her Mrs. Do It For Me Too.  Do it that way for me.  Do it just like you did it for them, for me.  Do it the exact same way for me in the same time you did it for them.  Life doesn’t work that way though.  God has us in certain places for a reason and I’ve learned that while I’m trying to find the reason, I’ve got to fix some things in my life.


In order for you to survive your rough times while you wait for transition you have to shift the way you do things.  I’m currently at a quandary with my job and in order for me to get through my work day I have to shift a few things.  I read a devotion before I start my work day.  I listen to music to block out the negativity around.  I actually take my breaks and do something non-work related.  The point is that you need to feel comfortable while you wait for your transition.  It’s necessary to find something that makes you feel okay.


 Once I learned how to be comfy enough where I currently am while I wait for a shift, things that seemed hard became easier to manage.  Be thankful for where you are and for who you are at this moment.  I’ve taken more time to appreciate who I am at the moment and that boosts my self esteem.  Be your own hype person! 


Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen in life or why you haven’t had this monumental move, but remember when Mrs. or Mr. Do It For Me Too pops up its ugly head, just remember that someone could be saying the same exact things about you.  God blesses people in His time.

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