About Me

My name is Ashley, and I’m just a regular, degular, shemegular girl from the Queen City…literally.  I have a deep love for my family, my friends, my man, and God.


I have a desire to share all that I am with others in many ways.  I have battled against low self esteem and have won, thanks to God, my bestie and therapy.  I’ve learned so much about life and myself during that time, and I’m constantly learning.  My faith is a huge part of my life and I take my relationship with God very seriously.  I love talking about feelings and this is where I go to do it.

IMG_3509 (2)

I have a knack for creating things and having ideas for new media and marketing content.  I’ve been able to help others grow their organizations and businesses with the things I’ve offered as ideas.  It’s truly a great joy.  I guess you can call me a jack of all trades!  This is my safe space to come when I need to get things off of my chest, and I hope it can be that for you also.

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